Why Escorts Don’t Want To Get Personal With Clients?

Asking too many personal questions can alienate an escort. It may surprise you because you asked some light questions like –

  • Do you have a real name?
  • Are you studying? Which university?
  • Do you have a family?
  • Where do you hang out?
  • Which restaurants or bars you visit frequently?

All these are innocent questions but she has no idea that it is your curiosity or you may be using it to know her background. Actually, such things happen and when it occurs the experience is quaking. Even escorts struggle with stalkers. Therefore, they need to be cautious while answering questions that are associated with their identity.

You can hire an attractive escort from Lovesita.com but you are concerned what the signs of being too personal are. It is very simple, never ask them anything related to their identity. Remember, she is there to entertain you. Make small talks and have a bond but it is also crucial to respect her need for anonymity.

Reasons how sharing personal information is not allowed

Below are a few examples, how escorts had bad experience due to sharing some personal information. It is natural for clients to be friendly and an escort may not find it dangerous to share innocent questions like their university name or where they work.

Susan was a new escort and was not aware about the dos and don’ts related to small talks with the clients. She opened with John, who suddenly one day advised her to leave the escort agency and focus on her career. Susan was surprised. She had her reasons to be an escort. The money was good. If she wanted to do her studies in the old fashioned way than she would still be burdened with student’s loan.

Once he asked her to go on a date not as an escort. She told him politely that she is available as an escort but not on personal level. He felt insulted and said some words that meant Susan had shared sufficient information that would help him find her real identity from the internet. This freaked Susan and she blocked him instantly. She took a break from escorting for some time.

Another escort was an East Indian girl, who received calls regularly from an Indian man, who was stalking her. He was trying to convince her, it was bad as per their culture. The key reasons she became an escort was to provide roof and food to her daughters. She actually travelled three to four hours to work in a distant escort agency. She used to work for five days and spend time with her daughters every weekend.

Such incidents often occur, it is part of their job to refract pushy weirdo’s who believe they could command what she can and can’t do with her body.

Even though majority of clients are totally great but a few assholes ruin things for everyone. Escorts experience physical and verbal abuse. Moreover, they are even aware about the life threatening dangers. So, denying to give personal information does not mean she is a jerk but only trying to protect herself!

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