Few Tips for Candidates for Driving Test About Hazard Perception

As a driver of any vehicle, one must have clear idea about hazard perception, as many different hazardous situations may crop up while driving. More the driver can anticipate the hazards on the road more will be safe driving.

Driving license authorities to know about the hazard perception and hence they have included them in the theory exam of the driving test. Therefore, the candidates who are going to appear for driving theory test must have adequate preparation on this part of the test.

This small post will provide a guide to learn about the hazard perception test in brief manner which will be useful to read for the candidates.

How hazard perception is tested?

While most of the questions asked in the theory test paper for driving test are questions with few different answers, where candidate has to choose the right option.

However, hazard perception test certain video clip that will be shown and candidate has to identify the hazard and react immediately. Computer will analyse how much time have the candidate taken in order to identify the hazard.

Video clip will show few real-life driving situations and by using mouse you must click and identify the hazard in order to pass the test.

It is therefore necessary for the candidate to do enough preparation to identify the potential hazards by practicing before their computer so that during the test they can react quickly when the video clips are presented before them.

During the test, candidate will be given 14 video clips, where you will find normal day to day situation of the road traffic with having minimum one hazard present. You need to take certain action after you have identified the hazard.

Action can be either slowing down your speed, changing the direction or applying brake etc. The method by which you will be tested will be how you react after identifying the hazard and how soon.

You have to do it by clicking the mouse. However, you must click on the proper hazard but not frantically clicking here and there.

Quite often candidates end up clicking many other items present on the road as shown in the clip. You must understand it is not necessary to identify everything but only the potential hazard correctly.

Identifying too many objects as hazard may go against you and at the same time if you miss any potential hazard then too you will not score any marks.

The duration of hazard perception test is 20 minutes and you will not get chance to attempt the question after you have already made your first attempt. In order to pass hazard perception test, you must score at least 44 out of the marks of 75.

Few top tips about hazard perception

  1. Do enough practice and you will get plenty of test clips online, which will develop your confidence.
  2. Try to identify developing hazard and learn how to identify them
  3. In each clip, there will be at least 2 hazards
  4. Try to click the hazard as quickly as you are able to identify them
  5. Don’t over click which will go against you.

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