What Are Those Common Signs That Indicate A Damaged Engine?

An engine is considered to be the heart of any automobile. It provides necessary amount of power needed to operate the vehicle in the correct way.  A damaged engine can drastically impact the operational performance of your car. Quick identification of its damage, can save your time needed in fixing it and getting it again in the best working condition.

Checking engine light

If the warning lights on the dashboard turn on, then it is an indication that something is wrong in the machine. If the “Check Engine Light” turns on, then don’t ignore it. It can cause a lot of damage to not just the engine but also other parts of it in the long run.

Getting F100 engine inspected by an authorized service technician will definitely get you the right diagnosis and guidance. This will help you fix it timely and properly so that you start enjoying a comfortable and the most efficient ride again.

f100 engine

Strange noises

Another thing that indicates damage in your car’s engine is the strange noise it makes. A knocking noise that comes from the bonnet is an indication of dying engine. It results when there is any wear and tear in the mechanical parts of the engine that includes bearings, pistons, and other type of moving parts.

On hearing such type of noises, it is required to take your vehicle to any nearest mechanic, so as to prevent any further damage. Ignoring such problem would result in the sudden breaking of your car and incurring a greater repair bill.

Rough or inconsistent operation of your car’s engine

Pay attention to the sound of the engine when it is in the operational state. Is it making sound at the time of driving? Do you find it inconsistent? If you find that your engine is struggling hard, stuttering, shaking or losing power, then it can indicate damage in it.

Replacing the spark plugs, testing or replacing the ignition coils, checking the fuel pressure, cleaning the airflow Meter or providing a tune-up to the engine are some of the ways that can help you deal with this issue.

Production of oil patches

If you find any puddles of oil below your vehicle, then it is due to a leakage in the engine. As the oil starts to deplete, it causes more amount of friction. This will generate more amount of heat in the engine.

Oil leakage is very common signs from engine oil sealing and sump plug washers. It has the potential to cause damage to an engine component with passing time. One of the best things that can be done for the resolution of this problem is to your engine sealed soon.


The engine of a car is one of the most essential parts of it.  Driving a damaged engine can harm the other components of the car as well. So, these are some of the common signs that you will notice when your engine is not functioning properly. It is advised to diagnose it and take proper preventive measures as early as possible.

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