Cat Owners are Scientifically Proved to be Healthy with the Modest Personality

Pets are part of our family. Pets are more loyal than human kind, therefore it is imperative that they get special care from their owners. To have a pet that meets your expectation, you need to socialize with them, provide proper parenting, house training, care, exercise and of course nutritional diet.

Dogs are proven to give a good physical health as you have to take them for a walk at least 30 minutes every day. However, those who have cats might not have to do the same, but it is also proven that cats provide a healthy heart with their natural movements. There wouldn’t be one person who might have watched cat videos on the internet and haven’t laughed loud. Cats are tiny little creatures who can enter any space by adjusting their flexible body. Their behavior and nature itself make you laugh and force you to capture every moment.

As a cat owner, I can tell you that they are highly active and will never obey to your rules like dogs. They are the most impatient pets who hate siting in one pose for long. When I have to capture any personal moment with my pet, I have to grab it tightly. Most of my cats pictures contain funny poses, but those pictures make me feel great and happy whenever I glance at it. That’s the specialty of keeping cat as a pet at home.

Research has also declared that there are any scientific benefits of keeping cat pets –

  • Research says that feeding a cat is easier than feeding a dog because cats can survive on fish, but dogs need meat, beef to fill their stomach, which again is a torture for land and animal kind. Therefore, cat is good for the environment.
  • Keeping a pet, especially a cat, has proven to heal mental illness faster. It is easy to communicate to someone that doesn’t react to your words or judge you like human kind.
  • Cats don’t need too much attention like dogs which is also beneficial for those who have touring jobs or hectic life. College students or employees who own cats instead of dogs have seen to perform well in their task compared to those who have sleepless nights due to dog walk and feeding.
  • Those who keep cats have fewer chances of allergies as it makes your body immune to allergens. Kids who have grown with cat pets have better immunity. All you have to do is to clean their rubbish box every day that contains cat organism Toxoplasma gondii.
  • Since they are highly active and energetic, they keep you busy all day by jumping here and there. If you don’t have dog as pet, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any physical activity for you, as your cat is sufficient enough to make you run the corners of the house.

Research says that people love cuddling cats more than dogs while sleeping on their bed. It makes them feel warm and emotional. Every pet seeks attention from their master. It is their way of telling you how much they care for you. Animals are loyal friends compared to human kind, since they only care about giving love.

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