Errors Men Need to Avoid Making at Adult Gentleman’s Club

Understand the etiquette and rules of adult gentlemen’s club to increase your enjoyment double-fold. Avoid the common errors given below to enhance your experience as a strip club’s customer. If ignored these can get you kicked out or receive subpar service, which is a waste of your money.

Common errors men need to avoid while visiting strip clubs

Never checking out the rules

Ask the rules of the new club you plan to visit. Knowing the rules can avoid potential awkwardness and confusion when a dancer punishes for not tipping or asks what’s wrong because you are avoiding to touch her [as you assumed it is not allowed here like other club’s no-contact lap dance service]. You don’t wish to feel shocked when she sits and makes moves on your lap.

Wearing the wrong clothes

Leave your elaborate belts, wallet chains, and embellished shirts at home. Lap dancing on rough material can leave her tender skin sore and chafed. She will truly appreciate soft pants or jeans. The front pockets must be kept empty to avoid poking of car keys or accidentally speed dial someone she shouldn’t, during a lap dance.

Some gentlemen’s club has a dress code, while a few don’t. For example, if you visit the FAQ webpage of Cheetah gentlemen’s club, you will find answers related to their rules. At this club, casual is allowed but after 7 p.m. flip-flops or tank tops are not allowed. Make sure to abide by it!

Carry sufficient cash [NO cards]

An adult gentlemen’s club is full of erotic fantasies but is a business platform, where dancers give a sensuous performance to earn money. For private dance performance, you will have to pay her rate, lap dance, and drinks. Even tip the servers and dancers. If you watch the stage show, then lay bills in her thong or on the stage floor in the end. It is rude to allow the dancer to leave the stage empty-handed.

Credit card payment is strictly for amateurs. Many clubs add surcharges and you will not be able to offer a tip to the dancer who entertained you with her lap dance. You can carry ATM cards rather than carrying lots of bills. However, be careful because ATM can be hacked! It is better to carry sufficient cash rather than carrying a debit or credit card.

No mobile near the stage

You may have set your iPhones on flash alerts. This can make your phone emit lights rather than alert tones. If a dancer sees this flash she may grab and throw your phone away. She thinks you were capturing photos of the performance on the stage. Such kind of misunderstanding can cost you a lot. It is wise to use a phone when you are far away from nude or half-nude women performing on the stage.

Avoid giving excuses

Sometimes guys turn down private dance offers or company with an excuse like ‘I’m married or I am waiting for someone’. The performer may have seen him standing alone. She approached because she did not want to make him feel rejected. You made excuses instead of saying ‘NO’ clearly to avoid hurting her. Their feelings get hurt when they listen to an excuse rather than a gently said ‘No, thanks’.

Avoid the above errors to enhance your odds to enjoy. Leave the club with self-respect, phone intact and safe bank account.

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