Reasons That Make Reusable Grocery Bags the Best Choice

Often people may be confused whether to pick a plastic bag or a paper bag for their grocery shopping. Reusable bags offer benefits that are not offered by any of these bags. By assessing several factors like durability, eco-friendly, easy to carry and use, safety, price, etc. you will come to know why reusable bags would be the right choice for your shopping needs.

Adverse impact on the environment

Plastic bags are not good for the environment. They are not recyclable and have a tendency to pile up in landfills. Plastic bags take up around 15 years to 1,000 years for decomposition. It proves dangerous for the health of animals who swallow them. Plastic bags pollute the environment and are a waste of natural resources. Due to these reasons, it is important to use reusable bags in place of plastic and paper bags.

Reusable bags are made from eco-friendly materials that can be easily recycled. Some of the materials that are used for the preparation of reusable bags are polyester, nylon, jute, etc. These materials can be recycled and also offer a lot of benefits to nature.

Custom grocery bags are a reliable company that provides highly durable and affordably priced eco-friendly bags. To increase their functionality, these bags are customized as per the needs of users. Made for use for a variety of events, these bags are best suited for shopping bags, promotional events, award functions, giveaways, etc.

Inability to recycle

Plastic bags are not handled by recycling equipment. It has been seen that whenever these bags are attempted to recycle, they get caught on wheels and conveyors belts, clogs the machinery and can get tough to isolate from other kinds of recycled products. These bags start to drift to other areas of the machinery or move out of the recycling plant.

Destroys wildlife

Use of plastic bags is not beneficial for wildlife. It has resulted in deaths of more than one lakh marine animals every year. When land animals and marine animals mistake these bags for food, it severely impacts their health. Plastic bags are also seen to snag in trees. Small animals get trapped in them that leave to more wildlife deaths.

Durability with Strength

Plastic bags are seen to tear off in the form of small holes. This can happen due to use or come in contact with any sharp object. Due to this reason, they have to be discarded in a small time period. On the other hand, there is no such issue in reusable bags.

These bags are made from durable and high strength eco-friendly materials that can be used for several years without replacing them. Reusable bags are found to be convenient for loading as well as unloading groceries. Leakage is not a problem with reusable bags.


There are several benefits of using reusable bags. After looking at all these factors, it is clearly evident that plastic and paper-based bags are not just safe for the environment. So, the next time when you leave for grocery shopping, choose reusable bags over the conventional paper and plastic bags.

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