Tips to Eat A Crab Perfectly

Crabs taste really delicious but a lot of people don’t taste them thinking that it is difficult to eat. We totally agree that crabs look messy especially for people who have never tasted them any time before. Remember that, eating crab is not rocket science. In fact, it is very easy to eat a crab by using certain techniques.

Eating a crab

How to Eat Crab Legs? Is this your question now? Don’t worry! I am here to help you today with some tips on how to eat crab perfectly. Do try the tips mentioned below to eat the crab easily and quickly.

  • We all know that eating crabs is a little difficult task. Besides, your table may get messy while eating crabs. Hence, in order to avoid such situations, spread a newspaper on your table while eating crabs.
  • Break the crab into two halves using your hands. Besides, most of the crabs can be broken into two halves generally using your hands itself. However, there are certain crabs which can be broken only using a heavy knife.
  • Now you have to separate the crab legs from its body. Large crabs generally require a nutcracker for the separation of crab body and legs.
  • You can now start with either crab body meat or crab claws meat. The shell on the claw will generally be much thicker than the shell on the body. Trust me the meat in the claws tastes really awesome. In fact, you will definitely love that taste. Make sure that you use a very minimal force while using any tool to break the shell on the claws.
  • Now you have to split the crab legs into different pieces. Besides, you can break the shell on the crab legs using a kitchen scissor because they will be generally soft. The meat inside the crab legs will also be very tasty.

Stone crabs and blue crabs generally won’t have more meat in their body. Besides, everybody knows that larger crabs will have more meat in their body. Use a fork to pick the meat from the body easily post breaking the shell. You can actually add the meat from the crab body or legs in the salads or soups. No doubt, it really tastes awesome. You can also add them to your sandwiches as well. There are a lot of restaurants in the U.S. which are famous for seafoods. One of the most famous one among them include Angry Crab Shack.

This restaurant offers different varieties of seafood dishes and that too at a very affordable price. No doubt, you will definitely get surprised by looking at the price of their food items. Visit there with your friends or family members to enjoy your weekends with your favorite seafood. Do let the staff there know if you have any kind of food allergy with any item. Hence, the servers there can suggest you the dishes which don’t contain the items that you are allergic with.

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