Try to Understand About Various Kinds of Road Hazards While Driving

While you are trying to learn driving car then you must also be aware about all kinds of road hazards which can often occur on different kinds of roads as well as the environment.

Based on exactly where you are now driving your vehicle will make lots of difference as far as the kind of road hazards which you may come across while you are driving your vehicle.

The hazards may often surprise you while you are driving and you may have to adopt different approach for different kinds of hazards and in this small write-up, we will provide you few examples of incidents that you may expect on the road.

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Few different road hazards found in residential areas

You may see in some of the residential areas, the speed limit allowed is 20 MPH speed which is a common rule. So, you need to take extra care while driving through such areas, as you may expect to find many pedestrians, parked cars or cyclists.

Instead of just looking directly towards the road, you must also scan other areas and pay special attention about parked cars which could be hiding small child who is about to run into the road.

Following are few different kinds of hazards which you can often see while driving in the residential areas:

  • Car doors opening
  • Many vehicles emerging from various junctions
  • Vehicles moving off/coming out of the driveways
  • School crossing patrols
  • Pedestrians
  • Children running in between parked cars
  • Children playing on the road
  • Suddenly animals running into the road
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists

Different kinds of hazards found in country lanes

It is necessary to take special care while driving on the country lanes. Here mostly the speed limit will be much higher than any residential areas, hence vehicles will be found to be travelling at much higher speed.

Also, you may find that the visibility is quite restricted because of narrow lanes, sharp bends or overgrown hedges.

Therefore, it is important that you must adjust your speed so that it suits the road you are travelling and do not feel pressurised driving at the speed limit that has been set.

Following are few different kinds of road hazards which you may expect to find while driving on the country lanes:

  • Sharp bends
  • Narrow country lanes
  • Blind junctions which is covered by few overgrown trees
  • Horses
  • Unmarked junctions
  • Farm animals
  • Cyclists
  • Slow moving vehicles like tractors.
  • Pedestrians walking on opposite side of road.

Practise enough on your skill for hazard perception

By going through the above you must have got some idea about the kind of road hazards which you must be aware of, and hence you must practise and improve your skills for hazard perception.

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