Tips To Make The Most Of Your Private Driving Practice Sessions

Learning to drive is like the road to freedom. Many can’t wait to turn 17 so that they’ll legally be able to drive anywhere. In Australia, a person can apply for a learner’s license after they turn 15 years and 9 months and apply for a provisional license at 17. A person should complete 120 hours of driving to be considered eligible for applying for a provisional license.

Driving lessons in Balaclava:

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Key to better driving:

Driving requires a lot of practice. It doesn’t involve just familiarizing with the different maneuvers. There are many real-life road situations even experienced drivers may find tricky. Keep practicing a lot to hone your driving skills. The more you practice, the more you’ll get accustomed to different real-life road situations.

Apart from your driving practice sessions in your driving course, you can undertake private practice sessions with an adult supervisor – a parent/ a senior or a relative. The supervisor should hold a license for the same class of vehicle that the learner driver practices driving on. The supervisor’s license shouldn’t be expired or canceled.

Ways to make your private driving practice more meaningful:

  • Find a suitable supervisor: Find someone who you feel comfortable driving along with and whose instructions you’ll follow. It’s pointless if you don’t take in the instructions of your supervisor and a nervous supervisor wouldn’t be helpful either.
  • Highway Code: Before you start your driving session go through the Highway Code. Knowing the road rules is essential for safe driving. Though it may sound dry, someday it’ll help you when you experience a challenging road situation.
  • Plan the route: Decide which route you would be taking. Start getting familiar and less-crowded routes first before moving on to crowded areas.
  • Decide how you’ll handle mistakes: Mistakes during driving practices are a common occurrence. Some mistakes could even leave you shaken. Avoid shouting if something doesn’t go well. You can pull up your vehicle is a safe spot and discuss how you could have handled the situation differently.
  • Decide which skills you’ll focus more on: There would be certain maneuvers you’ll find difficult to master. You can dedicate more time to practicing those particular maneuvers. With constant practice, you’ll feel more confident.
  • Vary the routes: You can start practicing in the parking lot in the beginning. Practice in different routes and different types of roads after you are quite confident with driving so that you’ll encounter different road situations.
  • Avoid distractions: Your focus needs to be on the road and car controls. Switch off the music or turn down the volume to stay focused.

Take your private driving sessions seriously. Practice more to become a better driver.

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