Get Rid Of Chapped And Dry Lips By Opting Natural Remedies

We invest in all types of creams, serums, eye creams, and treatments to ensure that we look young for a longer time. Everyone is afraid of wrinkles and aging, and therefore cosmetic surgeries and injections are quite popular these days among women in their 30s. However, it’s very rare to see people concerned about their aging lips.

People normally neglect to take care of their lips, as they just think that applying a layer of lipstick or lip balm will do the trick. This is not true.

With years, the skin around the mouth stretches and sags. Many people find it unappealing and try their best to overcome it. There are some products for anti-aging lip enhancement available in the market, while some go for collagen injection or laser treatment. It depends on an individual’s budget.

For me, the best solution is the CBD chapstick available at Allueur online store. It is a leading manufacturing CBD beauty product. All their beauty products are made after testing various formulas. They have anti-aging moisturizers, sleeping masks, sunscreen, and sleeping masks. They sell top-quality organic CBD beauty products.

However, if you want to go for natural remedies then follow these tips regularly at home –

  • Every doctor, physical trainers suggest drinking ample water to stay hydrated. When you drink water, the toxins are removed from the body, which keeps your body and skin fresh, toned, and glowing.
  • Lip balms are sticky and full of wax, but oils like CBD, coconut, or almond keep your skin moist and hydrated. Put a good quantity of oil or lip moisturizer at night before going to bed and your lips will be plump in the morning.
  • When you drink from a straw, lines occur on your lip when you draw liquid from it. Continuous usage of straw can make those lines apparent. Therefore, skip straw and drink liquid from your mouth and immediately rinse your mouth to save your teeth from staining.
  • Taking a healthy and nutritional diet is good for overall health. A diet high in protein and vitamin C makes healthy and strong collagen, and is good for your lips as well.
  • Saliva contains digestive enzymes, which evaporate quickly. Hence, stop touching your lips with your tongue, because you’re not keeping them wet, but making them drier.
  • Lips can get damaged like our skin, if it gets exposed to UV rays. Keep them moist and apply sunscreen on lips as well while moving out in the sun.
  • Exfoliating lips at least once a week helps in getting rid of dead, dry, and flaky skin. You can make natural scrub a home with sugar and olive oil or buy flavored scrubs available in the market.
  • Smoking can cause dry, wrinkled, and black or burnt lips. So, quit smoking or reduce it to a limited amount to avoid unhealthy and old lips.

Fillers like Botox and other cosmetic treatments help in getting back young lips. However, some are successful while some become a disaster. Still, I personally feel that natural remedies are long-lasting, unless you have cosmetics that contain natural and organic ingredients.

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