Spectacular Beach Wedding Entrance and Stylish Reception Departure on A Boat

Sydney Harbor is a popular wedding destination for couples. It is because the shoreline features multiple landmarks, which attract couples and they plan their dream wedding.

Couple entrance in a nautical-style 

You can choose waterfront venues like Empire Lounge built over sparkling waters of the Rose Bay. You can plan a great entrance not in a wedding car or white limousine but by boat in style. It can be a remarkable and memorable couple’s entry.

You can even choose an island venue for your wedding. Rodd Island located in Iron Cove is an attractive haven for a wedding celebration. It offers a spectacular backdrop and you can enjoy a great couple of entrance on one of the best wedding H2O Water TaxisYou can even have your guests transported to the wedding venue by water.

Shark Island is also great for private functions it has a beach and a gazebo. There is also a spacious grass-covered space, which children can enjoy playing around.

There is Clark Island with many quiet spots perfect for a private wedding ceremony. Cockatoo Island is another landmark in Sydney with magnificent views. The island has a bar and café, where guests will be taken care of.

The water taxi rentals can pick guests from any convenient point across the harbor, you just need to give the team details. They will arrive at the big event after enjoying a lifetime memorable journey across the Sydney harbor.

You can even choose beaches as a wedding venue. The water taxi services do beach landing and pick up at Collin beach, Store beach, and Athol Bay. You can call the water taxi company to discuss your needs and how to book a beach venue for the wedding.

Create a history on these historical islands and spectacular beaches!

Reception departure in a boat

The wedding entrance in style on a boat, the vows, the photo lineups, the dinner, the dance, the toasts, and the partying….the big day passed in a blur. So, many rapid happenings that even at the end couples need things to slow down. They desire to cherish even the end moments of their big day.

Water taxi rentals offer good opportunities. You can skip departure from the reception in a car or limousine or a carriage. Choose a water taxi ride to maintain the romantic feel of the whole day rather than a limo. A car has to make way across busy and noisy streets to reach your hotel. Your romantic feel can get tarnished, but with a moonlit cruise, the couples can memorably end their night. Some family members can surprise them by booking a special moonlight cruise as a wedding gift.

Sydney harbor is extremely beautiful not just during the day but even at night!

Professional wedding photographer means you get the whole day captured in the form of a story that can be shared and treasured for life. With spectacular backdrops of Sydney, you can enjoy a great couple’s photo session on the boat.

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